Instant Domain Search

If you need to quickly find if a cer­tain domain is avail­able, this site is def­i­nitely one of the best tools for the job:

18 February, 2008 — no comments

Mephisto Working Again

Well, after some big headaches try­ing to recover from a mix of my provider — Blue­host — silently updat­ing my server setup to Apache2 and my Mephisto instal­la­tion just “automag­i­cally” fail­ing with­out me doing any­thing, I man­aged to get the time and patience to refresh the instal­la­tion and now every­thing works again!

My apolo­gies to the peo­ple who have tried to access some pages that became unreach­able dur­ing this period.

Let’s see if I have the time and patience to keep this weblog more reg­u­larly updated.

14 February, 2008 — no comments

The Art of Business Card Designs

One thing I have yet to do is cre­ate my own busi­ness card: shall I make it under­stated or over­stated, mono­chrome or colour­ful, ver­ti­cal or hor­i­zon­tal, serif or sans serif…

Any­how, while look­ing for inspi­ra­tion I stumpled on this page, full of really cre­ative ideas: Cool Busi­ness Card Designs

26 July, 2007 — no comments

How Top Bloggers Earn Money

This is an inter­est­ing Busi­ness Week arti­cle that gives an overview of sev­eral pop­u­lar blog sites and how much money they generate.

I hate the fact that I like the kit­tens site

How Top Blog­gers Earn Money

18 July, 2007 — no comments


Google Image search has a lit­tle secret fea­ture, if you search for a per­son and add imgtype=face to the url, it will only dis­play faces!

For exam­ple, search for “john” faces:

I won­der what other hid­den fea­tures exist in Google search…

1 June, 2007 — no comments

Moleskine Harddrive

The Moleskine’s are my favourite note­books, I use them for notes, draw­ing and one is always with me while traveling.

And it looks like they can have other uses: some­one decided to turn one into a hard­drive cas­ing, result is just brilliant:

Read more about it here: The Geek­ster Moleskine

26 April, 2007 — no comments

OS X style searchbox

Found this nice web imple­men­ta­tion of the Mac OS X search­box:

For those who haven’t seen one yet, it looks like this:

23 April, 2007 — no comments


Recently I found out a great site where peo­ple can list the appli­ca­tions they use, It’s a bit like the con­cept of Digg applied to appli­ca­tions. Each appli­ca­tion has a badge show­ing how many peo­ple use it, cou­pled with a descrip­tion and even­tual com­ments from users.

MacI­ago is also there, here’s how its badge looks like:

17 March, 2007 — no comments

MacIago 3.6 released

It is now a uni­ver­sal binary and has a resiz­able board. Source code is avail­able at google code, check it out if you’re into it.

MacI­ago Home­page.

14 March, 2007 — no comments

New Release of MacIago

After more than 50 000 down­loads and 4 years of devel­op­ment inac­tiv­ity, I’m work­ing on a small update for MacI­ago. This new ver­sion will have the choice sev­eral board sizes and a slightly improved arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence. I’m also plan­ning to release its source code.

This game was orig­i­nally meant to help me learn Objec­tive C, and I never thought it would become as pop­u­lar as it did. It got trans­lated in 7 lan­guages, and it became spe­cially pop­u­lar in Japan, closely fol­lowed by the US.

For this new ver­sion, I’ll again need a cou­ple of strings trans­lated, so if you would like to help, please send me an email.

12 December, 2006 — no comments

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