Instant Domain Search

If you need to quickly find if a certain domain is available, this site is definitely one of the best tools for the job:

18 February, 2008 — Comments Off on Instant Domain Search

Mephisto Working Again

Well, after some big headaches trying to recover from a mix of my provider – Bluehost – silently updating my server setup to Apache2 and my Mephisto installation just “automagically” failing without me doing anything, I managed to get the time and patience to refresh the installation and now everything works again!

My apologies to the people who have tried to access some pages that became unreachable during this period.

Let’s see if I have the time and patience to keep this weblog more regularly updated.

14 February, 2008 — Comments Off on Mephisto Working Again

The Art of Business Card Designs

One thing I have yet to do is create my own business card: shall I make it understated or overstated, monochrome or colourful, vertical or horizontal, serif or sans serif…

Anyhow, while looking for inspiration I stumpled on this page, full of really creative ideas: Cool Business Card Designs

26 July, 2007 — Comments Off on The Art of Business Card Designs

How Top Bloggers Earn Money

This is an interesting Business Week article that gives an overview of several popular blog sites and how much money they generate.

I hate the fact that I like the kittens site

How Top Bloggers Earn Money

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Google Image search has a little secret feature, if you search for a person and add imgtype=face to the url, it will only display faces!

For example, search for “john” faces:

I wonder what other hidden features exist in Google search…

1 June, 2007 — Comments Off on imgtype=face

Moleskine Harddrive

The Moleskine’s are my favourite notebooks, I use them for notes, drawing and one is always with me while traveling.

And it looks like they can have other uses: someone decided to turn one into a harddrive casing, result is just brilliant:

Read more about it here: The Geekster Moleskine

26 April, 2007 — Comments Off on Moleskine Harddrive

OS X style searchbox

Found this nice web implementation of the Mac OS X searchbox:

For those who haven’t seen one yet, it looks like this:

23 April, 2007 — Comments Off on OS X style searchbox


Recently I found out a great site where people can list the applications they use, It’s a bit like the concept of Digg applied to applications. Each application has a badge showing how many people use it, coupled with a description and eventual comments from users.

MacIago is also there, here’s how its badge looks like:

17 March, 2007 — Comments Off on iusethis

MacIago 3.6 released

It is now a universal binary and has a resizable board. Source code is available at google code, check it out if you’re into it.

MacIago Homepage.

14 March, 2007 — Comments Off on MacIago 3.6 released

New Release of MacIago

After more than 50 000 downloads and 4 years of development inactivity, I’m working on a small update for MacIago. This new version will have the choice several board sizes and a slightly improved artificial intelligence. I’m also planning to release its source code.

This game was originally meant to help me learn Objective C, and I never thought it would become as popular as it did. It got translated in 7 languages, and it became specially popular in Japan, closely followed by the US.

For this new version, I’ll again need a couple of strings translated, so if you would like to help, please send me an email.

12 December, 2006 — Comments Off on New Release of MacIago

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