iPhone Headphone Jack not Working

Well, some time ago my iPhone stopped rec­og­niz­ing the head­phones, it really looked like some hard­ware fail­ure, and I started to lose my hope, iPhone was 2+ years old, and a repair would be too costly for sure.

Well, after some googling around, it turns out that the solu­tion was pretty sim­ple, with an open paper clip just remove the accu­mu­lated lint inside the iphone’s head­phone jack!

How to Fix your iPhone Head­phones Mic If It’s Not Working

5 January, 2010 — 21 comments


Glenn 20 May, 2010 21:45

I enjoyed read­ing your blog. I just read that Brits vote iPhone 8th great­est inven­tion. I love my Iphone.

Gary 7 September, 2010 21:47

Thanks for the men­tion – glad we could help! I was so bewil­dered that so much lint could come out of my head­phone jack on my iPhone! :)

Henry 3 December, 2010 01:00

You, sir, have just saved me 100quid and a trip to the so called genius bar. Bravo. And as a side note, it’s the most sat­is­fy­ing thing on earth.

Marty 22 March, 2011 19:31

Exactly the same thing hap­pened to me. My “googling around” took me to this page. I promptly got a paper­clip, gen­tly dug around in there, and pulled out two wads of lint. Viola! Head­phones work­ing again. Thanks!!

Shrey 11 October, 2011 00:50

My iPhone had a sim­i­lar issue with the audio jack and i cleaned it with the paper clip as said and i was sur­prised to see the amount of lint that came out. It works per­fect now. Thank u so much!!!!! u saved me $50 atleast !!

Jonny 27 October, 2011 17:18

What a Solution!!

Shane 3 December, 2011 22:00


You absolutely rock…

A big thank you all the way from Ade­laide, Australia…


Paul 29 January, 2012 21:59

Many thanks for this top tip, my phone/mp3 player is now on my list of favourite things again.

Tom 29 February, 2012 01:34

Huge thank you! After read­ing “how to replace your iPhone’s head­phone jack in 37 easy steps”, I was think­ing that it might be time to get a new phone. Four uber­wads of lint later (no, I’m not brag­ging!)… and both my head­phones and myself are very happy.

David 15 March, 2012 19:01

Thanks for the info, wow, had this two years now and it just stopped. Awe­some help.

neil 27 March, 2012 11:41

if the above doesnt work. which it didnt for me. but a big lump of lint did come out!! then use com­pressed air in a can to blast down the head­phone port! job done. thought i needed a new iphone. yay

Linus 14 April, 2012 12:19

I have no idea what a lint is, eng­lish is not My first la lan­guage. Can Some­one try describ­ing what this “lint” is or where it is located?

Jan 12 July, 2012 22:18


Sohanit 22 July, 2012 11:26

Awe­some!! Works like a miracle.

Robert 2 August, 2012 22:18

Unbe­liev­able! I fol­lowed the instruc­tions as described and sure enough, balls of lint just kept com­ing out… Wow! Awe­some post.

Andrew 29 August, 2012 21:54

Thank you, very helpful

Michael 27 November, 2012 14:26

That’s very help­ful as I had no idea the jack suf­fered from this kind of prob­lem. I have the 4S so I’ll be keep­ing an eye out for this prob­lem as well as mak­ing sure the jack is clean of dust and lint.

Paul 1 March, 2013 19:40

This goes the same for iPad Mic. Mine stopped work­ing and I thought it was an upgrade. Then I took a vac­uum to it and cleaned it out.

Dennis 10 September, 2013 06:14

Yup… Cept mine wasn’t lint, t was a piece of damn paper! When no Lint came out, I almost gave up hope, but then I tried once more and viola, the cul­prit gave him­self up!

Thanks for the sug­ges­tion though. A per­fect exam­ple of occam’s razor.

Kimberlie 2 December, 2013 14:29

I tried the paper­clip and no lint came out. I hit it with com­pressed air and noth­ing came out. How­ever, after doing those two things, my head­phones worked again. Yay!!! Thank you!

Harpal 2 December, 2013 20:20

OMG..thank u.. i have a iphone 5..got really scared since its not a year old!! tried what u said and it worked!!! Thank you!!!! :)

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