iPhone Headphone Jack not Working

Well, some time ago my iPhone stopped recognizing the headphones, it really looked like some hardware failure, and I started to lose my hope, iPhone was 2+ years old, and a repair would be too costly for sure.

Well, after some googling around, it turns out that the solution was pretty simple, with an open paper clip just remove the accumulated lint inside the iphone’s headphone jack!

How to Fix your iPhone Headphones Mic If It’s Not Working

5 January, 2010 — 21 comments


Glenn 20 May, 2010 21:45

I enjoyed reading your blog. I just read that Brits vote iPhone 8th greatest invention. I love my Iphone.

Gary 7 September, 2010 21:47

Thanks for the mention–glad we could help! I was so bewildered that so much lint could come out of my headphone jack on my iPhone! 🙂

Henry 3 December, 2010 01:00

You, sir, have just saved me 100quid and a trip to the so called genius bar. Bravo. And as a side note, it’s the most satisfying thing on earth.

Marty 22 March, 2011 19:31

Exactly the same thing happened to me. My “googling around” took me to this page. I promptly got a paperclip, gently dug around in there, and pulled out two wads of lint. Viola! Headphones working again. Thanks!!

Shrey 11 October, 2011 00:50

My iPhone had a similar issue with the audio jack and i cleaned it with the paper clip as said and i was surprised to see the amount of lint that came out. It works perfect now. Thank u so much!!!!! u saved me $50 atleast !!

Jonny 27 October, 2011 17:18

What a Solution!!

Shane 3 December, 2011 22:00


You absolutely rock…

A big thank you all the way from Adelaide, Australia…


Paul 29 January, 2012 21:59

Many thanks for this top tip, my phone/mp3 player is now on my list of favourite things again.

Tom 29 February, 2012 01:34

Huge thank you! After reading “how to replace your iPhone’s headphone jack in 37 easy steps”, I was thinking that it might be time to get a new phone. Four uberwads of lint later (no, I’m not bragging!)… and both my headphones and myself are very happy.

David 15 March, 2012 19:01

Thanks for the info, wow, had this two years now and it just stopped. Awesome help.

neil 27 March, 2012 11:41

if the above doesnt work. which it didnt for me. but a big lump of lint did come out!!
then use compressed air in a can to blast down the headphone port! job done. thought i needed a new iphone. yay

Linus 14 April, 2012 12:19

I have no idea what a lint is, english is not My first la language. Can Someone try describing what this “lint” is or where it is located?

Jan 12 July, 2012 22:18


Sohanit 22 July, 2012 11:26

Works like a miracle.

Robert 2 August, 2012 22:18

Unbelievable! I followed the instructions as described and sure enough, balls of lint just kept coming out… Wow! Awesome post.

Andrew 29 August, 2012 21:54

Thank you, very helpful

Michael 27 November, 2012 14:26

That’s very helpful as I had no idea the jack suffered from this kind of problem. I have the 4S so I’ll be keeping an eye out for this problem as well as making sure the jack is clean of dust and lint.

Paul 1 March, 2013 19:40

This goes the same for iPad Mic. Mine stopped working and I thought it was an upgrade. Then I took a vacuum to it and cleaned it out.

Dennis 10 September, 2013 06:14

Yup… Cept mine wasn’t lint, t was a piece of damn paper! When no Lint came out, I almost gave up hope, but then I tried once more and viola, the culprit gave himself up!

Thanks for the suggestion though. A perfect example of occam’s razor.

Kimberlie 2 December, 2013 14:29

I tried the paperclip and no lint came out. I hit it with compressed air and nothing came out. However, after doing those two things, my headphones worked again. Yay!!! Thank you!

Harpal 2 December, 2013 20:20

OMG..thank u.. i have a iphone 5..got really scared since its not a year old!! tried what u said and it worked!!! Thank you!!!! 🙂

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